Top Slack apps for remote teams

Slack is huge in the tech world - in 2020 they reported having 18 million daily active users (Source) and it’s fair to guess numbers are even higher now! It’s a core platform for remote teams who want to streamline communication and keep their inboxes under control. But how can you use it to make sure you are motivating your remote team and building a strong remote culture?

A whole host of apps have popped up to make your Slack workspace as productive and fun as possible - there are now over 2,000 apps in the Slack directory. So how do you possibly figure out which ones are best to help your team thrive? Well, here are a few of our favorite Slack apps for remote teams…

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Some things are easiest to explain in person, and back in the day you might have been able to pop by your colleague’s desk to do just that. Working remotely makes this a bit trickier - who wants to add an extra meeting to their calendar just to quickly explain something? This is where Loom comes in. Create quick explainer videos that you can share via Slack message or in a Slack channel, meaning the rest of your team can revisit the video whenever they need to.

Google Calendar
If you don’t have Google Calendar integrated with your Slack yet, you’re missing out. If you’ve ever been distracted and forgotten a meeting that was about to start, this is for you. Quickly connect your calendar to get a daily rundown of all of your meetings first thing, plus a reminder when a call is about to start. You’ll also see a calendar icon next to the names of anyone who’s in a meeting, helping manage expectations about how soon you can expect a reply.

When you read lists of best Slack apps a lot will focus on apps for productivity or collaboration, but work is about more than that - it’s also important to have fun moments, get to know your colleagues as people, and recognize your colleagues’ good work. All-in-one platform Hakuna helps with this, with fun activity suggestions, random coffee chats, polls, a recognition feature, and more.

Cut down on unnecessary meetings with Standuply. It starts the day off with a virtual standup via Slack, asking each of you to answer a few questions about your work. Find out what everyone has been working on, and if there are any blockers you can help remove. 

It can be tough to stay on top of team projects when you can’t catch up in person - has your colleague finished that document you need? Has someone else found a freelancer for the project? With ClickUp you can record and track all of the projects your team, and assign specific tasks to individual employees.

With the help of these apps you can support your team in becoming productive and collaborative, as well as having those all important fun moments. In the long run, this will help boost employee engagement and employee wellbeing, keeping them more satisfied at work and turnover low.

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