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Get the recognition you deserve. No more unnoticed work with our recognitions feature.

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Who posts first, when to post, about what? Drop the chit-chat and leave that to us! 🔥

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Connect with teammates around things you love.

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What happens in your team, stays in your team 😈 It’s not Vegas, it’s SquadPal.

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NFT fans, cooking lovers, LGBTQ+.. everyone has a place to belong

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We help you find what you have in common with your colleagues ❤️

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Your office vibe away from a physical office.

300+ fun activities

We’ve put together a big list of activities so there is something for everyone

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It’s a hussle to plan something new? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what you can do 😉

Your place, your rules

Play and share whenever you want (and wherever but you knew that 🙃)

The super app for everything social

Games, competitions, challenges.. In our world, it’s hard to be bored at work.


Bulls & Cows, Quiz.. Play together or against each other and see who’s the 👑

Challenge people & teams

Achieve a goal with your team or compete against another one (100km run)


Share a pic and get votes to win! (Cutest baby pic, funniest selfie.,)

We help people share real stories with colleagues

We help people share real stories with colleagues. *Disclaimer: Obviously we can’t share more details as we care about our user privacy 🌝 But, did you know that…

Pregnancy update

Jess shares pregnancy updates when she’s not doing user research

Salsa classes

Josh is a Salsa teacher in his spare time when he’s not coding! 💃

Travel addict

Julie works from everywhere and  loves giving travel tips! ✈️

Road to marathon

When Dan isn’t killing his sales targets, he’s running 10ks️

A star in your team

Farida is not just a sales manager, she has played in 3 action movies

Healthy habits

Sofia the data analyst 🖤 organising group workouts for the team

Cooking party

Jacob is a designer AND a great cook! His profiteroles look 👌👌

Game nights

Jake the IT specialist is really skilled at World of War craft!

Arts show

Flavia shares her kids’ paintings... Is this kid the next Picasso?

Don't take our word for it

“My team is scattered across Europe so it’s difficult to keep everyone engaged. You have to come up with new initiatives and organize them. SquadPal provides us with new ideas and administrates everything, making our lives so much easier.”

Alexis Chappert
Program Manager @ Amazon

“Attracting remote talents is difficult if you don’t have a strong remote culture. Discounts at the gym or else are nice but it’s not enough when everyone is behind a screen all day. We needed a solution to show talents how great it is to work with us and SquadPal helped us do that.”

Will Porter
CEO & Co-founder @ Fynder

“We were spending a lot of time and money with one-off initiatives (team dinners, offsites, …) to engage teams. SquadPal helped us put together a consistent strategy, all from a single platform. We saved a lot of money and energy thanks to them and we built a true remote culture.”

Andréa Cavallo
CEO & Co-founder @ Planty

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