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Start your workday with a smile ☀️

What if your next team happiness manager was in your pocket?

Share happy moments 😃

Browse through colleagues’ pictures about hobbies, talents, and what matters outside work

Be recognised

Get the recognition you deserve. No more unnoticed work with our recognitions feature.

Zero awkwardness

Who posts first, when to post, about what? Drop the chit-chat and leave that to us! 🔥

Be real & connect with teammates

Connect with teammates around things you love.

Safe space for teams

What happens in your team, stays in your team 😈 It’s not Vegas, it’s SquadPal.

Find your communities

NFT fans, cooking lovers, LGBTQ+.. everyone has a place to belong

Discover shared interests

We help you find what you have in common with your colleagues ❤️

Recreate the office banter

Your office vibe away from a physical office.

300+ fun activities

We’ve put together a big list of activities so there is something for everyone

Weekly suggestions

It’s a hussle to plan something new? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what you can do 😉

Your place, your rules

Play and share whenever you want (and wherever but you knew that 🙃)

The super app for everything social

Games, competitions, challenges.. In our world, it’s hard to be bored at work.


Bulls & Cows, Quiz.. Play together or against each other and see who’s the 👑

Challenge people & teams

Achieve a goal with your team or compete against another one (100km run)


Share a pic and get votes to win! (Cutest baby pic, funniest selfie.,)

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