We help people share real stories with colleagues

We help people share real stories with colleagues. *Disclaimer: Obviously we can’t share more details as we care about our user privacy 🌝 But, did you know that…

Pregnancy update

Jess shares pregnancy updates when she’s not doing user research

Salsa classes

Josh is a Salsa teacher in his spare time when he’s not coding! 💃

Travel addict

Julie works from everywhere and  loves giving travel tips! ✈️

Road to marathon

When Dan isn’t killing his sales targets, he’s running 10ks️

A star in your team

Farida is not just a sales manager, she has played in 3 action movies

Healthy habits

Sofia the data analyst 🖤 organising group workouts for the team

Cooking party

Jacob is a designer AND a great cook! His profiteroles look 👌👌

Game nights

Jake the IT specialist is really skilled at World of War craft!

Arts show

Flavia shares her kids’ paintings... Is this kid the next Picasso?

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