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Onboard, engage and retain your remote employees effortlessly. SquadPal is the happiness manager you wish you had.
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Ace your people goals

From their first to last day, SquadPal will take great care of your people.


Improve employee engagement


Improve your teams’ wellbeing


Improve onboarding experience


Improve employee retention

And this is how we do it...


Your new remote hires will feel at home before they even start...

Welcome your new joiners as you should 🖤

Include them in the social life of their future teams on day 1 day minus 10 and let them discover who their teammates really are.

In minutes, they can learn about teammates’ hobbies, browse previous team activities and understand future team dynamics days before they start!
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Break down siloes and build communities

Whether it’s based on interests or it’s a working team, we help you build communities within your company.

Dog lovers, football fans, runners club... Give every single employee a safe place where they belong.

We have curated a list of 100+ activities (games, competitions, challenges) to share moments with your new friends.
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Motivate everyone to be healthier, together

In a remote world where you work where you sleep, it’s easy to forget taking the time to walk outside and breathe.

Our collection of activities include many healthy and fun challenges to achieve more together, pushing employees to exercise or meditate more often

Get your employees to run from Paris to London (virtually duh!), try a Yoga challenge. Let them achieve more than to-do lists.
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Create the home your employees want to work from

We’re on a mission to make Monday the new Friday. Working for you will be a party your employees won’t leave early.

Gamify the day-to-day of your employees through activity suggestions, dashboards, company wide challenges and so much more..

Let your employees truly connect through fun.
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The cost of EVERY disengaged remote employee...

Average productivity Loss


Source: Gallup

Average turnover increase


Source: Gallup

Average cost increase


Source: Forbes

What’s included 👇🏼

Your own virtual happiness manager

Dedicated mobile app for the team

Integrated into your workspace

Priority remote support


SquadPal is for...

HR professionals
While it is impossible for you to be embedded in every single team in the company, it is what we do best. Cover all your people initiatives seamlessly and empower every employee to find a place where they belong.
Remote team managers
Always wondering what to do to engage your team? Wonder no more, we provide weekly suggestions and all the tools to easily organise your remote life.
Remote employees
Bring back socials for remote teams and have a dedicated place to connect and share personal moments with your teammates.

Some frequently asked questions

How do you onboard my company?

It’s easy, once you have bought a subscription we share your company link with you. The only thing your employees have to do is click on the link from their phone and they will be onboarded automatically.

How long is the onboarding process?

From the moment you buy a subscription to the moment you onboard your company it only takes a few minutes (that’s right). In order to ensure a smooth onboarding, we organize a demo call with your employees so they can get a feel of our platform and understand how it works. In our experience, this significantly increases the engagement at first.

I just want to use SquadPal for a specific department, how does it work?

No problem at all, we are happy to onboard a specific department within your company. The onboarding process is the same though.

How do you ensure our content is secure?

Your content belongs to you (and your company account). It is safely stored on our securely hosted servers. No other company can access your content. 

How much does it cost?

We will share all the details with you on your demo call but to give you an idea, the annual price of SquadPal is most probably cheaper than a single team off-site and sometimes even a single team dinner ;)

Don't take our word for it

“We were spending a lot of time and money with one-off initiatives (team dinners, offsites, …) to engage teams. SquadPal helped us put together a consistent strategy, all from a single platform. We saved a lot of money and energy thanks to them and we built a true remote culture.”

Andréa Cavallo
CEO & Co-founder @ Planty

“Attracting remote talents is difficult if you don’t have a strong remote culture. Discounts at the gym or else are nice but it’s not enough when everyone is behind a screen all day. We needed a solution to show talents how great it is to work with us and SquadPal helped us do that.”

Will Porter
CEO & Co-founder @ Fynder

“My team is scattered across Europe so it’s difficult to keep everyone engaged. You have to come up with new initiatives and organize them. SquadPal provides us with new ideas and administrates everything, making our lives so much easier.”

Alexis Chappert
Program Manager @ Amazon

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